Hello and welcome!

My name is Marion and I’ve been collecting aroids for a few years with over 100 plants in my collection.
I recently started my own company importing and growing aroids to be able to share them with you. All plants are legally imported to Sweden with phytosanitary report and have been examined and cleared by the Swedish Agricultural department.

In this shop you will find the coolest plants I’ve been able to source from around the world. Everything in this shop is for sale but sometimes my private collection is also on my instagram, if you see it there but can’t find it in this shop – don’t hesitate to ask me to locate it for you!

All plants are kept in my greenhouse for some weeks of recovery after travelling around the globe in order for them to be happy and healthy when sold.

My greenhouses are located in a basement space I rent to house my plants, there are windows but the plants get most of their light from grow lights.

All plants approved by me!